The features and benefits of a 3bhk Flat

The features and benefits of a 3bhk Flat

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Just when you have all the finances to get your dream house, there’s a possibility of confusion in terms of which property best suits your need. Well, you need to be really careful when buying a house for the very first time as there are multiple parameters which need to be checked. The architecture of the house, space, amenities, budget and many other details need to be on your check-list while selecting the perfect fit for your dream house. Apart from all the confusion you might be already facing, there is a possibility that you can’t decide between 2BHK and 3BHK which is quite prominent. You may find numerous suggestions related to the perks of having a 3BHK and then suddenly there will be something convincing you back on the 2BHK. To solve your dilemma, we have a detailed analysis on the benefits and feature of 3BHK which will make you go for it after just one single read of this article.

 1.    More spacious

Believe it or not, we always have a problem with the space as no matter how much we go for, it seems to be less. So, 3BHK basically solves this problem to a great level with an extra availability of a room which can be utilised as per the requirement. You can make this as the guest room, office space, library, doing some activity, study room or maybe any other purpose. It can also be used for a small party when you don’t want to use the other parts of the house but this room can be decorated the way you want.

 2. Future Investment

It happens a lot that you buy a house without thinking about the future needs and then after few years, you want more space for which you’ll have to change the house. This looks impractical as selling and buying again and again won’t serve the purpose and you have to then adjust in the limited space. When buying a 3BHK, you are indirectly investing for all the future needs in terms of space and side by side it’s serving the current purpose. It basically acts as a multipurpose space which can be molded the way you want. You need to look at the needs when your children will grow up and the decision needs to be made sensibly for sure. Keep all the demands in focus and then make a wise decision.

 3. The fuss with all the documents

 In case you are thinking that you’ll invest initially in a 2BHK and then move over to the 3BHK, it is not a convenient option. The reason is simply that your address is associated with a variety of legal important documents and getting your address changed to a new one will demand a lot of time. To escape all these legal formalities, invest once but carefully.

 4. Enjoy your space

 You must have noticed that a 2BHK makes people more conscious about the surprise guest visits or house parties. It’s because of the limited space they are exposed to which makes them incapable of hosting guests in a way they want to. Your house is complete but that free space will always be missing and ultimately you’ll end up being desperate for more space. You have a build a house once so build it with a sane mind and future calculations. A constant urge to be at a bigger and better place will end up making you sad at what you already have with an urge to own what you don’t. It’s like being in the middle of a mess you have created for yourself. Enjoy that extra space in your 3bhk with all the freedom you’ve ever wanted.

 5. Budget friendly

 There are a lot of builder organisations which help you get a 3bhk in the best possible ways. Many  banks and funding organisations provide loans  so that you can easily buy a 3bhk with a budget of 2bhk. This makes them comfortable in the cost as well.

 So, you must have made up your mind for a 3bhk now as the perks are just endless. A house is a big investment and we expect you to take this decision very carefully.Look at all these points carefully and then go on and invest freely. 

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